Our track record says a lot about how we work.

Through all the ups and downs in the industry, a few things at DALEO never change—like hard work, down to earth values, and a dedicated workforce always equipped to meet the demands of underground projects.

These basic practices have served us well in creating a successful company from the ground up with strong business relationships. They’re also the foundation of our long and respected history of quality work.

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Safety is our first priority.

Keeping our workforce and the community safe is not just a goal; it’s a daily promise and daily practice. For 34 years we’ve constructed utilities in a variety of circumstances. We know what to expect and how to deal with underground conditions before the job even begins, and we are committed to remaining current with the latest safety regulations and ensure our teams are regularly trained.

We believe that safe people and safe job sites are the result of effective, efficient business practices. We hold ourselves to those practices, while we work to ensure the highest safety standards are met each and every day.